Friday, October 2, 2009

Cheetah and October inspirations!

Hello dear Bloggers.. i can't believe it.. i recieved 17 comments on my last blog spot! This is unbelievably exciting, because i never ever recieved so many positive and beautiful comments! I want to thankyou all : )
A few days ago a tsunami had hit the American Samoa, i want to pray for all of the families who lost a loved one in that chaotic accident. PEACE.

I've been going through the new Burberry Prorsum collection. And i find it divine! All the drapery, twists and turns.. aaand not to mention the long socks with heels! Ha, what a random but yet cool combination.
Few of my favourites.
And here's some photos that i find inspirational for this upcoming season! To me, it feels like everything is about natural colours,furs,hippie vibe, organic knits. Love that.





Hanne Gabby.. aint she beautiful? She reminds me of Twiggy.. well more like her eyes.

And here is what i wore : )


Funny tacky hand signs hehe


I love squirting with my eyes! ( sun's fault )


I like this animal print vest! And wearing socks with heels, geeky wild chick! : )

Sorry for this long post! Enjoy your weekend everyone, and do share your options of inspiration that you love this month!

Goodle x


Marian said...

love the burberry collection, yes Hanne's eyes are twiggy like. Love your hair it is gorge!

JINX said...

grown and sexy.... that's all i can say...

paola said...

love the shirt!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

this are so cool. i love what your wearing
im so digging your hair and the leopard is killer!!!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Love that picture of Hanne Gaby! I also want to try out the socks with heels thing, but I haven't been game enough. x

M. and O. said...

Hey you !
News on :
- Betty and Alix the two web-figure of Chanel
- Olivia.A one of two creators of Daily-Women :)

Come on.
See ya, xx

mom & son said...

great editorials!

your outfit is nice too!

Emma said...

I love the first photos and the criss crossing of the fabric. Your outfit is very stylish and you have really nice hair!


Michael said...

I love the pastel colours of the Burberry P. Collection. It's just so sweet and cute!

Robyn said...

wow! That watch is to die for~ (and I hate wearing watches, but I would totally wear that! )
You're hair looks amazing, by the way. ^^

Anonymous said...

i loved burberry prorsum's collection. the furs were so fantastical. and the inspiration pictures are really cool. i love your heels!

kaitlyn said...

the feather headpiece is so righteous.