Friday, October 16, 2009

Under the grapefruit tree.

Hallo hallo. This outfit post might be not so interesting! ha, i wore simply my basics, skinnys and my favourite shoes! But sometimes it just happens, you wake up and cant be bothered thinking about what interesting to wear ,yeah?? :D But anyway! Great day at school, lots of fun and laughter! Except i have a Uni enrolment book to fill in. Ahhh. And its friday, wohoo shopping and a party to attend plus sleepover at my best friends place. And who said i should study for the upcoming exams? Naaah no way! haha.
For this post, i thought why not include some photos of my favourite jewelery pieces. I love jewelery with animals.. especially with owls! It's great how the jewelery can do so much to an outfit, you can wear a simple outfit, but with some kick ass jewelery it can look totally different!
(FROM L-R my fork cuff with a stone,elephant cuff,studded bangle,copper cuff,owl watch necklace,dragon ring with coral stone,blue ring, owl ring,black glass ring)Photobucket
SO What is your YOUR favourite jewlery piece that you love wearing? :D

Thanks everyone for commenting and following my blog! YAY

Goodle x


Niviarsiaq said...

wait! I totally thought I commented on this! well, I was going say your jewelry is fantastic! I want it all! and the owls, wow, great. here's what I'm always wearing. oh and I recently started wearing a gold, silver and copper bangle-

Thanks for the very sweet comment on my blog!

bearcat said...

beautiful jewelry! i am so coveting that elephant cuff :) xx

eednic said...

you have some fabulous jewelry pieces there! i have several favorites of my own. i'm a sucker for a good bracelet!

mom & son said...

you have the fabulous jewelry collections.
i love the owl pendant.
btw, are those oranges?

B a la Moda said...

I feel like that on the weekends. I don´t want to spend time thinking about combos. You look nice and comfy.
B* a la Moda

Robyn said...

there we go! ( I was trying to comment earlier...and it wasn't letting me ^^; )

I love the elephant cuff! It's so pretty, do you know what it's made from?

Faridah said...

Lovely jewelry!
My favourites are rings! x

Anonymous said...

i am so jealous of your ring collection! so cool! and i love that huge watch.

Damsels said...

i love all these rings ... these are just my taste ... they are super interesting .... i dont have much jewelry... its a work in porgress