Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Salmon Pink + Floral

Good day bloggers!
Whilst my fellower class mates are on holidays, enjoying sleeping ins and hanging out in town, a group of us are taking part in Bar course in our school! Okay, i was green before but surely now i'm not! I have tried ( only with a straw) drinks from whisky to malibu to baileys,not only that but we made cocktails and mockatails as well as different shots such as "the brain" ( awesome looking shot) I hope this post is not going to be a bad influence towards the youngsters! Ha ha ; )

Here's some shots of my outfit! Somehow this outfit has a slight influence from Chloe collection. I love the salmon/peachy colour. And florals! looots of florals!


For those who want to have a sneak peak at the alcohol galore ;

Looks like some party that yet to be unleashed.. But it wasnt! Don't get me wrong, it was hard work too :D (cough.)
These are the shots. I made the one on the left , i forgot its name. But the one in the middle is called "The Brain" It looked really cool!

Hopefully this post will not have any bad influence. By the way, thankyou for all the lovely comments on my last post!

Goodle x

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday in the jungle, drinking cappuccino.

Hey Bloggers! Today me and my friend went to town for a while . We were looking at different dresses for our Graduation (how exciting!). There was not enough options. Cause most of the dresses were too short or too 'clubbing' kinda style. Until.. i came across this ciiuute tiger,lace tulip inspired dress!
It doensnt look that great in this photo, but i like its simplicity... cause i could wear this after the graduation also! What do you think about this dress? : )
These are just some photos of what i wore today! I really dig the simple oversized sailor shirts!
Spring is here! Yay ( is is my favourite owl necklace, that opens its wings and has a watch inside)
We also went to McCafe for some refreshments. I bought a cappuccino which turned out to be a latte, so i went to exchange it to a real cappuccino! Haha i think that lady was a bit annoyed.. she said 'its how we make our coffee' gah! i have become so fussy about coffee after i finished my barista course! It's not good at all. Is there anyone out there who are as fussy as me about their coffee or food? Tell meee :D
Random photo that i took in town! This is the city of the Art Deco weekend : )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Like seriously?

Hey Guys!
It's been freezing cold in New Zealand, i blame us humans for this crap weather ,sand storms and earthquakes. It's Global warming and its scary!
But anyway, that's not what i really want to write about on this beautifully chilly evening.
Whilst i was going through a gossip magazine, i saw a photo of Lady Gaga's MTV award dress, and seriously what the heck? I cracked up laughing and it made my day oh so much better!
I respect her for her originallity, but isint it a bit too much? The neck brace made her look so old! But i do admire the huge chunk of necklace she's wearing! These chunky 'cleopatra' necklaces or chokers are going to be huuuge this season ! Anyways, what do you guys think ? :D
On the other hand 10 points for Katie Perry's dress, walking sushi stall? what a great time saver, have a bite when you are hungry! :D



I really dig these looks im a huge fan of tassles, and i like the softness vibe mixed with a hint of toughness ! (fashiongonerogue)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shakespeare,sugar high and life in general.

Hey guys!
Had an awesome tuesday! First of all had way too much sugar whilst i was eating the 'ginger crunch' slice... which was so sweet but so good. And i also made a massive creamy Cappuccino(instert photo)how many calories was that?? i don't know.. maybe it's a good to not know either.
I also passed my Barista certificate yuss! : ) We also went to see a Shakespearen play to help us in our drama exam, was pretty good. I love Much Ado about Nothing. It's my favourite! So much mockery and lust there! And to top it off, my mum bought me a GIANT (and i mean giant) watch! and it arrived today! i feel like one of those gangsters who wear giant jewlery!
And also tomorrow we are having a Toga party during the Classics period. That should be quite funny, cuz we are all making the togas from white sheets!
Anyways! Here's my outfit for today. I really like the drapery of this 80's vintage dress!
My frothy as made Cappuccino!
The ginger crunch slice is setting in ( even though we didnt put any ginger in ! )
Gangster new watch
Gangster furrr
A squirting face of mine.
Im a witch ;D
Im a witch! Muahaha

"Fould words is but foul wind and foul wind is but foul breath and foul breath is noisome,therefore i will depart unkissed" -William Shakespeare.
Sorry for the big size photos! No time to make them smaller!

Peace out
Goodle x

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just one illusion.

Hey bloggers. So it's the last production show on tonight. Pretty exciting! Cause usually the last shows are the best ones : ) Well not for me anyway.. i got a runny nose and a very sore throat! UGH! Bad timing,much? Do you guys have any good tips how to get rid of the cold? I usually make myself lemon and honey tea if i feel like im going to get a cold!
Today i wore my red tassle jacket! Finally! Pretty cold weather today, so was happy to strut my cowboy style! : )
And i have also noticed that the hairdo in a big 'bun' seems to be popular,so i tried it too... it looks quite different from my afro curls,dontcha think ? : )
Too cold for a dress!
(Random photo of me and Kate before our second show :D )

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Goodle x

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

80's ,Make up and Christopher Kane anyone?

Hey Bloggers!
Today we had our first matinee show in the morning, for our school production. All these cutee primary kids came to see us! They are the best audience EVER! Even though they didn't get the jokes! Our show is about 50`s, 80`s and now! And i was mostly in the 80s! My hair was finally suitable for an era, and that is definately the 1980! These are just some crazy ( and bad quality) shots from my camera!
Matinee Show
Boys dancing(and fighting) in the song "Beat it" By Michael Jackson.

Look at my hair go : ) Dancing to the song "Girls just wanna have fun "
80's scene in the toilet, SHES PREGNANT?!

The boys of course had their make -up done too! And it was so funny to see them squirting their eyes while the foundation was applied! Ahh those poor boys :D

I finally found the designer for this awesome top/mini dress! It was Christopher Kane... oh what would i do for this baby!!! sorry for the poor quality photo.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smiles,blueberries and weirdness : )

Hey bloggers,
I just want to Thankyou for commenting my blog! It mades my day to know that someone in the world reads my rambling about life (and fashion ) : )
Today has been a bit frustrating because i still can't decide if i should go to University next year or not. But i think i have made my decision.
I think going to University will make me all grown up.. and i don't feel like growing up yet, haha.

This is what i wore today. Finally wore my sandals that i've got in Europe.. i looove them !


Goodle x

Monday, September 14, 2009

Potato Nose,studs and Slash :)

Today has been a pretty sweet monday. Sunbathing on the deck at school, production practice (or show is on in TWO DAYS! Agh) and of course making a hot chocolate with lots of froth on top :) Hey, don't think that i don't do work! It's just that our school is so chilaxed about everything!
Bloggers, whats your favourite season?
I love both spring and summer. Spring has that freshness about it and summer is just full of laughs and long nights!


Remove Formatting from selectionMoving on to my other subject.. Has anyone read Slash Autobiography? This book kicks ass! It's so full on about his life with drugs (tsk tsk tsk) his passion for music and the Ladieees in his life. Not to mention, it has cool photos from his life. I had huge respect for this dude, even though he is not a good role model, he somehow survived the addiction of drugs. Go and read this book, you know you wanna ; )

Peace Goodle x

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baazar September Issue

80's? Maybe. Shoulder awesomness? HELL YEAH!

Ohhhh studded clutch! and Jewels...fantastic.

YSL add made me 'LOL' the picture on the left reminds me of Da Vinci Code.

Love for oversized Blazers

Saturday Morning.

I love throwing over big oversized blazers over a short dress or some distressed shorts. They add a bit of glam , and also doesn't show too much skin!
I love saturdays <3 the sun is shining, birds singing so loud today,and me and my mum are off to town! It's cool to have some time with my mum! It's like the only time that i can speak in Lithuanian for more than 20 minutes :)
Have a good weekend!

Goodle xx

Friday, September 11, 2009

Topshop Love

Picnik collage

Guess What bloggers? It's the weekend :) As part of my rituals, every saturday morning (bright and early) i go thrifting. I always find going shopping much easier alone. Because friends seem to rush you all the time! And of course, my friends are not really into thrifting, they always think that used clothing always stink and is gross! So not true.

Aaaand this is a little collage that i made to honour the Topshop Gods! (ok hmm maybe not..) but i love the studded blazer in cream, and those ballet flats are totally sweet! well really, anything that is studded is sweet with me!

Enjoy your weekend,

Goodle xx

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking Healthy.

These are my favourite and the most used cosmetic products in daily routine!
(Left to right)
1. I love love by Moschino - This perfume is puurfect for summer, so fresh and energetic! If you don't feel to good, this is the perfume that will make you dance! haa :)
2. Garnier - Skin Renew ,Anti-Sun-Damage. Oh i love this face moisturizer, not only it smells sooo good but it is also really light and is SPF 28! Cuz Ladies, we don't want too many wrinkles!
3.Evolu Healing Lip Treatment with Manuka Honey. This beauty is made in New Zealand. It really hydrates your lips and makes them feel soft!
4.Maybelline - Define-A-Lash. This is not a dramatic mascara, but it makes your lashes seperate without any clumps, and also stays on for the whole day.. real niiice :)
5. St Ives Apricot Body Scrub - This is sooo cheap but soo good! It is a body scrub that smells like apricot mmm.. this scrub just does it job when your skin is dry and patchy..
6. Redwin Sorbolene moisturizer - This is a multi tasker! It can take off your make up, it makes your legs shine and it is suitable for a shaving cream ( who said a cream like this didn't exsist?) cheap as chip and healthy too :)

So Bloggers, what is your favourite cosmetic item ?

Hungry Wolf Eyes.

I'm excited to post a 'Beauty Best' update soon! Everyone needs one of those ,right?
This outfit is reallz simple. Just you know.. all right for to going to school :) but i liked the touch of red hat to add some more colour! I absolutely love wolf shirts.. i especially love the manly baggy ones!
Right now i am lusting for a colourful flower power romper.. mmm they look so adorable!

Hey Monday Hey!


Hey my little blog! Haven't been here for a while. My life right now is full with our school production, so whenever i come back home i feel tireeeed .

This 50`s kind of look, i'm going to be using in our production ( except i will have to loose that fur , of course) i love the full skirts and ruffle/lace details back in the 50`s. So sweet and feminine!

Rock'n'roll Sunday.Let's Rock'n'roll :D