Thursday, October 8, 2009

Smile like you mean it !

Hulloo dear Bloggers! Me and my friend Ambasta went to town before our precious school holiday had finished. Great weather at last! I was happy to see the sun shining behind those clouds. But YET again..we heard news that another earthquake had hit a place close to us - Vanuatu. And tsunami was supposed to hit our coast after the earthquake.But it didnt happen phew. Ggfjgflgkj -That's how i feel about tsunamis! Way too many in two weeks of time. Anyway this is what i wore : ) I like this dress a lot, it has awesome sleeves and is folky style! I added the golden buttons to the blazer too, instead of the boring blue ones, for the bling factor hehe :D
Dancing + jumping.
I'm not being grumpy, the sun is in my eyes :D
Cheesey smile to finish it off .

Aaaand andd this is the editorial that i saw and fell in love with <3>
So Summery and colourful!

Sorry to make this so long! But i really loved it ,it's so fluent like a real story telling!

Thats it for now,
Goodle x


Marian said...

oh i love that editorial! yummy styling,at least fab even if she is homeless :O)

Robyn said...

The third shot from the bottom almost looks like it could be a maniquen or something! Pretty awesome editorial though!

Anonymous said...

lovely editorial! and i love the blazer and the print of the dress. the blazer definitely looks like the gold buttons make it better.

Clara said...

OMG! your hair is SOOOO AMAZIING
i loved more!
I hope you have a good weekend

CHICMUSE said...



Lori said...

i love your blazer and the editorial!

Damsels said...

i really love the sort of mod look of this blazer and the folky vibe of the dress together ... looks very interesting

Emily Cato said...

AMAZING editorial, and I really really love your hair!

Helen said...

wow that editorial is amazing! i love those polka dot tights.

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oh my, your hair is amazing!! The colour and texture are just gorgeous. Lucky girl. My hair can not make its mind up between curly, straight or anywhere in the middle.
Your dress and jacket are rather nice too, I do love the gold buttons, they're just that much nicer and more fabulous. :)

Florrie x

Kelsey Kaysen said...

ellen von unwerth is amazing...she is one of the best photographers of all time
check out my blog if you have the chance

mom & son said...

you have the sweetest smile.
i like the jumping shot.
not to mention, your outfit is soo cute!

Casey said...

That is a lovely editorial, and I'm digging your outfit.

As for tsunamis? ughhhh. They just put up "Tsunami Zone!" signs where I live [which is silly if you ask me, but whatever] and everytime I see one I get a little scared.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Ahhh love these photos. And amazing editorial!

Poppy said...

What lovely photos, I adored that lula photoshoot, she had such wonderful hair.