Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Obviously, ill never have Burberry shoes, nor D&G bags. But fashion is not always about price tags. Fashion is about originality, and being yourself! I know there's a lot of rich teenagers who can have all of that. But i know that there's also teenagers who cannot afford expensive 'blings' . And you know what? Dont be ashamed of it! It's so much more fun to go out there, to vintage stores and explore all the goodness that it can offer.

Tassle tshirt was made by me, so was the acid wash jacket.
I still love them studs.


Amsterdam ♥

The smell of weed everywhere. Wasted French guys and funny Amsterdam tshirts. Yes,sir.
OH! And i have found a way to upload large photos!

Moving with life.

Picture 076

Wow i haven't been here for a while now!

But what i can say, Europe was pretty awesome. Specially de Netherlands. Ah i love this country! Also enjoyed climbing the Eiffle Tower. Scary but fascinating in same time!

The French guys were soo cute. With their hairy facial hair, and skinny jeans. Too damn sad that they were so short! Haha.

The whole trip was like a dream, and now im back in New Zealand. Right now im in the proccess of bleaching jean dresses,and studying for my mock exams.. (blah)