Monday, October 5, 2009


Hello bloggers!

So i am sitting here, drinking my 3rd cup of tea and trying to get my fingers warm whilst typing. This Weather is INSANE alwost two days and nights full of rain, ghastly wind and even SNOW (?!) in some part of the town. And we call this spring? Huuh i don't think so !
But of course this weather is perfect for baking ( peanut choc chip muffins) and reading fashion magazines (Harper's Bazaar). The October issue is pretty good, i must add. Not so many adds, and interesting stories! But what amazed me is Lily Cole on the cover. She is just... gorgeous! I love that she's not only model but an actress too! The photos of her in this issue are just mind blowing! Check it out :]
Love the red dresses!

And here's some photos of today.. in the yucky cold weather ! I look like a bee : D hehe!
Me and my cheese umbrella from the Netherlands XD
Crazy frozen people
Beautiful tree <3

I hope the weather is treating you all bloggers more kindly than it's treating us here! Peace x - Goodle


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

There's nothing better than a pop of colour to cheer you up when the weather's miserable :) Loving your bow belt, and that tree is quite picturesque. x

Clara said...

i love all the pics.
you have a great blog.

JINX said...

you are so beautiful, i love your style and what you bring to fashion blogging...

vicen said...

Send us your look, and be part of Look 10.

deep_in_vogue said...

Fantastic look!! Love all the colours in your outfit. And Lily's simply divine.

Robyn said...

I love that it's spring for you, and I'm just going into fall now! (your coat is so bright and happy looking!)

Helen said...

i love your little red belt! so cute

HoneyBunny said...

Lily's amazing! ANd you look adorable:)Love the belt and he bag!

mom & son said...

great editorials!
the red dress is so gorgeous.

oh, i'm loving your bright and colorful outfit!
you look great!

Anonymous said...

you look so cute! i love the little red belt. and the pictures of lily cole are beautiful. i especially love the dress she wears in the last picture.

liana said...

i adore lily, excellent post...
p.s great hair!

paola said...

loving the yellow with the colour of the shoes!

kirstyb said...

that dress is awesome - if the weathre was like that here i would not be moving from my bed lol xooxx

Katie said...

i love lily cole, she is gorgeous

Ashley said...

Lily looks like a porcelain doll. Gorgeous.