Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In the la la land.

What can i say, i really caught an addiction for polka dots, havent I? A second post with dots in a row! Hah :) I don't usually wear skirts, don't find them too comfortable and i only have two, including this one. But anyway, i am a visualist, and see my outfits come to my head, and that's how i usually pick my outfits! I visualize them haha. AND somehow.. i just knew that this grey tank top had to be paired up with something dotty.. and because i love colour, i had to add some red! Woo. and heres an outfit baby! :D And THANKS for following me! Makes me super happy!
The photos aren't so great as momma didn't feel in the mood of taking them :/

Mmm im already visualizing another outfit for the weekend.. with fuscia pink and stuuuds :D

Have a great day bloggers ; )

Goodle x


Niviarsiaq said...

Whatever, these pictures are great! Loving the polka dots, they really suit you! I'm a huge believer in skirts. In fact I prefer them much more than pants most of the time :)
You look great!

Robyn said...

haha I always say that I don't like skirts, but I wear them all the time. funny how it works!
I love that pattern though! Reminds me of a cow, but in a good way? ^^

Nathalie said...

Those skirts/dress with pois fits you really great!