Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hoorah, a second blog post in one week! (: Happy to have a long 4 day weekend really! Well me and my friend got together yesterday, we had an awesome food feast. We bought marshamllows, oreos,candy floss,banana milk and crisps. I made garlic lemon chicken with rice and salad and then we made MARHSMALLOW BANANA MUFFINS! woo. I actually didn't know that marshamllow muffin recipe existed so we just invented our own :D Well.. they came out floppy and all mushy, so we put them back to bake for some more. After that they were pefect! Well kind of . Haha they were so sweet. Ah i love marshamllows! Well enough about food.. This is what i wore. Again my beige blazer and my new cute polka dot dress! Mum found it, it is veryy cute and has perfect length!

Great day it was :) Right now my dad turned on his rock music on full blast! I have to escape! See you bloggers!

Goodle x


Robyn said...

I love your hair! (I might have said that already, but it's still true!)

Sandra said...

Lovely dress dear!

All in all, cool outfit! :)



Ashley said...

Love the polka dot dress.

Anonymous said...

really cute outfit. i especially love the belt. and that last picture is gorgeous!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

wow this outfit is so awesome!!!
love all those bracelets, and your hair is gorgeous!!

ak said...

love love all your bracelets...great pics

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Love this outfit. And marshmallow muffins? OMG I need to try this! haha

Nathalie said...

You girl has such a beautiful hair! I'm envying you!
Nice outfit too, that creamy blazer remind my Stella McCartney's and the dress is simply perfect!
Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment, your blog is really nice!