Saturday, June 20, 2009

P.S im in love.

Balmain skirt. OMG ! Ahhhh Im in loveeeeeeee.

♥ studs.

TOPSHOP - Studded Leotard by Rare
TOPSHOP - ABBY Buckle Stud Peep Boots.

Through the last couple days, i have been making a massive amount of acid wash shorts with studs. My poor nose is sick of the bleach! I dont think its healthy for me either.

BUT ( there's always a BUT ) they look awesome, specially with the studs, like 'FashionToast' style
Customized shorts by me.

But overall, studs goes with anything really! Like the Studded Topshop Heels, vests ,jeans etc etc. Punk come back! Oh yeah. Loving the grunge look thats still so in right now, its so casual but yet so rock'n'roll !


I have been inspired by bloggers such as 'withasianstereotypes' , she has awesome DIY projects, such as the skull cut sweater, and just cut out tops. I think they look awesome! I Also love Bow tie necklaces! They look so good with a floral dress, and its not that hard to find a vintage man's bow. All i need is some cheap golden chain. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Last night, while i thought to do something else than sit and stare at fashion blogs, i have been doing my DIY project!
I have transferred a a long velvet skirt into something totally awesome! well i think it is :) I have to upload the photo later.

AND im running out of pyramid studs! Oh nooo.. these days i think about studding everything in my wardrobe, seriously! Whats happening to me haha. But still it looks best on acid wash shorts :]

It`s time to go back to my porridge and my two vitamin C Tablets.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I should.

I should start again. I mean seriously, third time ? I SUCK at blogging! Fashion, give me strength! For that matter, i will try again. And fingers crossed will succeed.

Well hey, im addicted to opshoping, nothing beats that.Finally starting to love Black and anything with gold. I am maturing by day...

Right now, im oh so addicted to Nautical theme clothing. Nothing but a blue striped shirt with a red beret! So Frenchy Classic.

Hopefully will get more inspired while i visit Europe!

I cant stop wow'ing at woman and girls my age who write such awesome blogs! It always gets me inspired, till something pops my bubble of imagination. But next year , i will hopefully open up a new and fresh online business! I cant wait, the garments and colours excite me, not the new stuff.. but the classic vintage.

Fingers crossed i will also fix my camera, so can take photos of my outfits! Yay.