Monday, October 12, 2009

Smell the flowers. its spring time!

Yuss yuss yuss! Dear bloggers smell the flowers cause its finally spring time! ( for some in the world) we got blessed finally with a warm 20+ degree temperature. It's time for us to moisturize our legs and get some vitamine D! at last. Ahh short shorts and floral tank tees. my summer weather wardrobe. In these past days i cant resist buying floral clothing.. floral tops,floral skirts,maybe floral sunnies next? Ahh im feeling the summer vibe already! : )
And this is what i wore, finally got some usage out of my leopard sunnies!

And cause everyone is talking about the topic of Alexander Mcqueens spring collection i havta say i love the futuristic animal dresses, but those horse heels? i mean comeeeee on. They look so chunky, make your feet look humangous and are so not comfortable lookin'. Bloggers, whats your say about the collection, you dig?
All is done , i have nothing else to say ha :)

Peace , Goodle x


Robyn said...

Those shoes are fantastic!
I'm glad one of us is having warm weather to enjoy! :D


Rand said...

this is the cutest thing ever!
love everything LOVE it

adrienne said...

sigh it's fall for us now :(
love your boots!

paola said...

love the top and the cute red blazer!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Cute outfit! I'm definitely in need of some floral footwear - mainly Docs... but they're not the most ideal summer footwear are they? *sigh*

And Re: McQueen shoes, they were mind-boggling! I haven't decided whether I dig them or am disgusted by them, but they are something different, that's for sure.

Tasha Jade said...

I love this :)
Florals + Spring is just the perfect combination.

B a la Moda said...

I can´t believe it is Spring time over there. Here is Autumn. Love you combo. You definitely gave it a twist with the red blazer. Nice.
B* a la Moda

Sandra said...

I think the show was somewhat important because it was very ambitious! And i really love the artistic aspect of it. Dont think I would manage to go with those heels though:P

Thanks for the lovely comment btw.


Marian said...

love the red blazer,your purple boots and your hair is gorge.
the mcqueen shoes are a little off but its their weirdness that attracts me to them! i want a pair.

Clara said...

much love your hair, the boots, the shirt and the sunglasses.
wow. really perfect.
give me your hair, please?! AHAHAH

Miss Red said...

i love the red blazer and the leopard sunnies. and the purple doc martens!!!! so amazing.