Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello Bloggers! I haven't posted in a WHOLE week... how the time flies fast when you are NOT having fun! Ahh been quite stressed lately about University, and if i should go or not. Buttt on a bright side, its a long four day weekend here and me and my friend will bake marshamllow and oreo muffins haha, i hope we are the first to try these out, or even invent them :) I have been also looking at Miu Mius collection . And found it so cool, eye candy material really. The prints are really refreshing with cats ( this reminds me a lot of weird cat ladies that every neighbourhood has), random naked people and birds :D And i like how they kept their colours simple with natural skin tones.
As for me.. these are some photos of me being bored and dancing to the music :D I have converded a sea shell to a necklace. I like its simplicity and that beach wibe!

It's time for me now to catch up with all the blogging ~ (:

Goodle x


Robyn said...

Can I have a cookie? haha

I love that necklace idea! So simple~

Niviarsiaq said...

great necklace!! what a cool idea! I love the summeryness of this outfit, I miss summer already...

Vintage bikes are bomb!!

Anonymous said...

i love the miu miu shots. amazing prints. the seashell necklace is really pretty. and i love all the prints in your outfit.

Anonymous said...

i ADORE your blog
so adorable, chic, fun
keep it up darling, its awesome
thanks for sharing such great bits of inspiration
and thanks for the sweet comments, ive linked you!

check out my blog @

B a la Moda said...

Great idea! This necklace is very cute. I see you are in the creative mood. I like also the print of your dress.
B* a la Moda