Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shakespeare,sugar high and life in general.

Hey guys!
Had an awesome tuesday! First of all had way too much sugar whilst i was eating the 'ginger crunch' slice... which was so sweet but so good. And i also made a massive creamy Cappuccino(instert photo)how many calories was that?? i don't know.. maybe it's a good to not know either.
I also passed my Barista certificate yuss! : ) We also went to see a Shakespearen play to help us in our drama exam, was pretty good. I love Much Ado about Nothing. It's my favourite! So much mockery and lust there! And to top it off, my mum bought me a GIANT (and i mean giant) watch! and it arrived today! i feel like one of those gangsters who wear giant jewlery!
And also tomorrow we are having a Toga party during the Classics period. That should be quite funny, cuz we are all making the togas from white sheets!
Anyways! Here's my outfit for today. I really like the drapery of this 80's vintage dress!
My frothy as made Cappuccino!
The ginger crunch slice is setting in ( even though we didnt put any ginger in ! )
Gangster new watch
Gangster furrr
A squirting face of mine.
Im a witch ;D
Im a witch! Muahaha

"Fould words is but foul wind and foul wind is but foul breath and foul breath is noisome,therefore i will depart unkissed" -William Shakespeare.
Sorry for the big size photos! No time to make them smaller!

Peace out
Goodle x


Lilee said...

ooh yum! great outfit!

Gladys said...

Lovely dress. :)

Casey said...

I am so in love with that vest.