Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just one illusion.

Hey bloggers. So it's the last production show on tonight. Pretty exciting! Cause usually the last shows are the best ones : ) Well not for me anyway.. i got a runny nose and a very sore throat! UGH! Bad timing,much? Do you guys have any good tips how to get rid of the cold? I usually make myself lemon and honey tea if i feel like im going to get a cold!
Today i wore my red tassle jacket! Finally! Pretty cold weather today, so was happy to strut my cowboy style! : )
And i have also noticed that the hairdo in a big 'bun' seems to be popular,so i tried it too... it looks quite different from my afro curls,dontcha think ? : )
Too cold for a dress!
(Random photo of me and Kate before our second show :D )

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Goodle x

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Rand said...

dont i just love these photos!!you look amazing darl:)