Thursday, September 24, 2009

Like seriously?

Hey Guys!
It's been freezing cold in New Zealand, i blame us humans for this crap weather ,sand storms and earthquakes. It's Global warming and its scary!
But anyway, that's not what i really want to write about on this beautifully chilly evening.
Whilst i was going through a gossip magazine, i saw a photo of Lady Gaga's MTV award dress, and seriously what the heck? I cracked up laughing and it made my day oh so much better!
I respect her for her originallity, but isint it a bit too much? The neck brace made her look so old! But i do admire the huge chunk of necklace she's wearing! These chunky 'cleopatra' necklaces or chokers are going to be huuuge this season ! Anyways, what do you guys think ? :D
On the other hand 10 points for Katie Perry's dress, walking sushi stall? what a great time saver, have a bite when you are hungry! :D



I really dig these looks im a huge fan of tassles, and i like the softness vibe mixed with a hint of toughness ! (fashiongonerogue)


Jowy said...

Lovin the tassles and Gaga, yeah its a llot, but so much inspiration: i adore fearless fashion!

One Love,

Lilee said...

great photos! hehehe lady gaga :)

La Chauve-Souris said...

lady gaga is rockin always

Anonymous said...

love the last pictures. gorgeous! and lady gaga is hilarious. i would be so fun to just hang out in her closet and laugh. but she does look pretty old. her eye makeup is pretty cool.