Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday in the jungle, drinking cappuccino.

Hey Bloggers! Today me and my friend went to town for a while . We were looking at different dresses for our Graduation (how exciting!). There was not enough options. Cause most of the dresses were too short or too 'clubbing' kinda style. Until.. i came across this ciiuute tiger,lace tulip inspired dress!
It doensnt look that great in this photo, but i like its simplicity... cause i could wear this after the graduation also! What do you think about this dress? : )
These are just some photos of what i wore today! I really dig the simple oversized sailor shirts!
Spring is here! Yay ( is is my favourite owl necklace, that opens its wings and has a watch inside)
We also went to McCafe for some refreshments. I bought a cappuccino which turned out to be a latte, so i went to exchange it to a real cappuccino! Haha i think that lady was a bit annoyed.. she said 'its how we make our coffee' gah! i have become so fussy about coffee after i finished my barista course! It's not good at all. Is there anyone out there who are as fussy as me about their coffee or food? Tell meee :D
Random photo that i took in town! This is the city of the Art Deco weekend : )


Dylana said...

I love your striped top! So cute! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

the dress looks really cute. i love the sailor shirt and the necklaces. especially the chain one!

Tasha Jade said...

I don't like coffee at all, I am more a hot chocolate kinda girl, and yes just like you I am extremely fussy about a good hot chocolate/coffee! You pay them so they should make a good one :)

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

love the stripes and chains! And love you avatar image! We're following :) xx

Posh said...

Your hair is amazing!!