Wednesday, September 16, 2009

80's ,Make up and Christopher Kane anyone?

Hey Bloggers!
Today we had our first matinee show in the morning, for our school production. All these cutee primary kids came to see us! They are the best audience EVER! Even though they didn't get the jokes! Our show is about 50`s, 80`s and now! And i was mostly in the 80s! My hair was finally suitable for an era, and that is definately the 1980! These are just some crazy ( and bad quality) shots from my camera!
Matinee Show
Boys dancing(and fighting) in the song "Beat it" By Michael Jackson.

Look at my hair go : ) Dancing to the song "Girls just wanna have fun "
80's scene in the toilet, SHES PREGNANT?!

The boys of course had their make -up done too! And it was so funny to see them squirting their eyes while the foundation was applied! Ahh those poor boys :D

I finally found the designer for this awesome top/mini dress! It was Christopher Kane... oh what would i do for this baby!!! sorry for the poor quality photo.


Jenny H. said...

cute blog xo

Anonymous said...

i know that dress is amazing! looks like a fun production. boys with make-up... i've been in plays where all of the boys are just super obsessed with their hair.