Monday, September 14, 2009

Potato Nose,studs and Slash :)

Today has been a pretty sweet monday. Sunbathing on the deck at school, production practice (or show is on in TWO DAYS! Agh) and of course making a hot chocolate with lots of froth on top :) Hey, don't think that i don't do work! It's just that our school is so chilaxed about everything!
Bloggers, whats your favourite season?
I love both spring and summer. Spring has that freshness about it and summer is just full of laughs and long nights!


Remove Formatting from selectionMoving on to my other subject.. Has anyone read Slash Autobiography? This book kicks ass! It's so full on about his life with drugs (tsk tsk tsk) his passion for music and the Ladieees in his life. Not to mention, it has cool photos from his life. I had huge respect for this dude, even though he is not a good role model, he somehow survived the addiction of drugs. Go and read this book, you know you wanna ; )

Peace Goodle x


Poppy said...

This is a lovely post, thanks for sharing. Of my favourite season has to be spring, so many blooming flowers and the air always seems fresher.

Dixie Lee said...

well, at least Slash is a better rolemodel than Axl Rose ;>

Anonymous said...

i love fall personally. the colors are so great. and i love fall fashion. great pictures too.