Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunscreen is my best friend!

Hello bloggers! Soo as stupid as my title sounds, i think it's right to say that applying sunscreen on your skin ( and especially your face) is the top priority for me this summer! :D Because the sun in New Zealand and Australia is very harsh and you burn soo easy and your skin can age very quick because of the sun! So remember, when you are at the beach, slip some susncreen on :P it will only make your legs shiny! hehe

So today we had our last school assembly *sniff sniff* it was hilarious and sad in same time! I wore my hippie folk dress that i got back in Lithuania.It is so breezy and perfect for this humid weather! We took these photos after the assembly at our town! Really gorgeous place :)

My new apple green nailpolish! Love this refreshing colour!
Our school's year book! Which looked much better than the last years one! haha
Me and my friend German friend Arne aka Boobey are being patriotic! :)

Well i hope everyone is going to enjoy the weekend! Cause i sure will, i will go job hunting :D Woohoo.


Goodle x


B a la Moda said...

Love that dress. Those wings are pretty and the blue color is very harmonic. The color of the nail is like the Chanel green. What brand is your nail polish?
B* a la Moda

Indy said...


And that dress is so summery and beautiful!

Elaine said...

Love the dress!!!

Robyn said...

That dress is awesome! I was reading your little paragraph above the pictures first, so I only saw half the dress, so when I scrolled down it wasn't as long as I thought! haha~
What a perfect colour of nail polish too, by the way~ What brand is it?


Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling
totally love it
thanks for sharing
love the blog as always, keep it up
and thanks for the sweet comments darling


Sarah said...

This is gorgeous! Beautiful dress! and i love your nail varnish! xxx

Isquisofrenia Style said...

the first photo is gorgeous, you look so pretty and loving that dress!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...


Ashley said...

I love the boho dress with the glam shoes.
And you have GORGEOUS hair.

Anonymous said...

such a pretty dress! i hope you had a memorable last school assembly.

Kinsey said...

beautiful dress!
I wish it was summer here, its winter and about 34 degrees out!
you have such beautiful hair!!