Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fluffy Marshmallow.

G'day Bloggers (: The spring had finally reached our shores. And i am happy to wear denim shorts and cute floral dresses! It is so great to wake up with sun and to the sound of birds chirping.
Next week is the last week of high school for me, EVER. The only week left to enjoy the company of my class mates and long lunchtimes filled with water fights. I am sad to leave my school, cause my school had made me who i am today :)
This is the dress that i am going to wear to our awards/graduation evening. It has nude pastel colours and i love it! It reminds me a lot of a fluffy marshamllow. hehe :)

By the way, i went to this great thrifting sale. $3 dollars per bag! It was awesome. I bought a floral dress, lace top,leopard tee,sailor tshirt,cute golden cardi.. and more! They were packed in these huge boxes. It was fun to go through all of them to find some cute hidden treasures! :)
Hope everyone is having a good weekend :D

( Because the summer is almost here, i am experiencing with bright nail polishes! yay :)
P.S i forgot to upload this!! I love her rings ♥


Niviarsiaq said...

That is a beautiful dress! you look absolutely ravishing in it! (I'm trying to use some new adjectives haha!) It's true though, you look wonderful! If you were a marshmallow you would be a very pretty one :)

Nathalie said...

This dress is amazing!

Robyn said...

hurray for marshmellow dresses!
(and your nails look amazing~) Brightly coloured nail-polish is pretty great all year round, actually. I can brighten up my long cold winter with it!

Congrats on finishing school!


Isquisofrenia Style said...

graduation yay!!! congrats,
this dress is so adorable on you, i love it with the blue blazer on it!!

have fun hon!!!!

Clara said...

thanks girl.
i love your nails and blue blazer.
the glasses are gret too..

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog girl ~

Loved your sheer top with those beautiful sunnies:)
And beautiful blazer to go along with.

Following your blog now girl <3