Saturday, May 1, 2010

March for me Baby.


I can't believe its May already! In 5 days it's going to be my 18th birthday. I actually think my bff is more excited than me, just because we can FINALLY go out clubbing together. :D

And just a few seconds ago, i learned that Topshop's first store had opened here in New Zealand! Do you know how jealous i am of the rich Aucklandiers? Man! I will definately have to move there!

This friday i had wore my defence jacket that i brought online. It is actually a real defence jacket! How cool is that?! It has that awesome sharp cut and cute anchor buttons.
And this was also the first time i wore my sailor backpack that i bought for such a shameful price. TWO DOLLARS. I love it dearly, it even has rust marks. Kind of makes even more special to me :)



Robyn said...

ohh I see some lovely mint-coloured nail polish over there! And oh, how that sailor bag makes me happy.

Thanks for the names! If I can't find the actual store any place, then I'm sure we have one like it...maybe? haha

Happy 18th birthday in advance! :D


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have amazing hair!

Eli said...

you look amazing! your hair looks soo good in these photos! total hair envy!

Margaret said...

you stunner!!! SO in love with your sunnies :D and your hair looks amazing.
thanks for the gorgeous comment, miss!

A. said...

I love your hair, I've always wanted to be curly ^^
And your sunnies are awesome.
Happy Birthday in advance!

Little Birds Words said...

Your hair is so pretty! Jealous! Love the outfit!

Stop by some time :)

Nicole Jarecz said...

cute purse! enjoy your 18th year because it flys by!

CC said...

Fab outfit! Polka dots ftw. And I *love* your hair, lady! :)

Isquisofrenia said...

this screams vintage, and i just adore this dress and the jacket and the glasses they go so good together
and your almost 18 yay!!

Fashion By He said...

awesome dress, very cute

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think