Thursday, April 15, 2010

Party nights.

Hello hello hellllllo!
Yes, i've been missing. You see, i was totally inspired-less and kept myself busy with my books. I cant stop reading! I stay till 2am reading my books till my eyes dry out. Yes , sad truth. I wake up with massive black bags under my eyes. BUT nevermind that !
I'm gonna share some pointless photos from last week.I had so much fun dancing and just reauniting with my class mates.
Photos before we went out. I wore red lipstick the first time :D

I am quite addicted to leopard blouses. I see them; i just want to buy them! RAWR!

Good night bloggers x


Robyn said...

ohh first red lipstick! very nice~

Glad to hear the dance classes are going well. (I love the top too~ haha)


Robyn said...

haha I have to comment again! :O
I still have been unable to find out where on earth I can get a pair of your lovely half-tinted sunglasses. D: what sort of store did you find them?



Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Hi, I read a comment you made on a MIU MIU DIY post where you were asking for some more DIY... I've just made a collage with a lot of Bloggers MIU MIU DIY if you want to check it out :)
You can find my post HERE

Carolina Krews said...

Thanks for stopping by..:) I love your wild blond hair and blouse.

Kitty Boy said...

wowwww i adore ur super gorgeous face!love the brows! your style is so hippie<3