Friday, April 2, 2010

Dream Red.

The thing is that i won't be munching on the chocolate because eh, i already ate it during the week! oops! I'm such a sucker for Cadburys Chocolate Marshmallow eggs.. they are just too good!

So about the outfit..If you guys noticed , i don't really wear black. I only wear black stockings and my black boots. See black colour just doesn't make me excited, it's so boring and so dull. But BUT ( where's always a BUT in fashion,right?) When i found this velvet skater mini dress i couldn't just say no to it! I mean it's velvet! Feels so luxirious :)
So today i went all black, but with a splash of red accessories so i won't look like a goth . Hehe

Haha! With my tongue out, my concentration to jump! :D

P.S i have also unleashed my other addiction.. for fedora and bowler hats! I can't resist into buying them! AGH

Have a good weekend, eat lots and be cheerful! GOODLE X


Eli said...

you look great! cant wait for easter...chocolate is my weakness too.....

Robyn said...

you ate it all already? Wow! I don't even know where mine is...I probably would have eaten it if I did~ haha

Still love your sunglasses!
Is there any place online where one could find them?


Isquisofrenia said...

oh i love this dress on you!
velvet looks amazing, love the hat too
and boots, love all this fun poses

ryder said...

red is a nice touch.

Niviarsiaq said...

Ok you seriously need to wear black more often, this looks amazing!! You don't look goth at all -I love this outfit on you!

Gladys Fashioncancer said...

aw, love the ribbon waist belt.