Thursday, February 25, 2010

I scored myself some parka coolness.

Oh HAI! Look, it's me again! Two posts in a week, hmm something is not right? :D
Today i was working at the op shop..browsing through clothes as you do. And I was very happy when i saw this beauty! It screamed to me ; ALEXANDER WANG/CHLOE. I just had to get it. $8 bucks, how i love thrifting!
This parka jacket has a great oversized fit, you can pile so many layers underneath.

I do know that the shoes don't match with the jacket, but i just had to have a photoshoot with it on!
My other great bargain ; Oversized batwing top in leopard print, always wanted one!
Also my new skull ring ( on the middle finger)

Over all, i had an awesome week of thrifting! So many sweet bargains :)

P.S just a quick question to you all readers, what has been your best bargain buy? It be interesting to know!



The Petite Blogger said...

love ur rings!!!! and u look fabulous in those pics!!!! love that animal print cardi u have on!!

xoxo jenna
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Anni said...

cool backpack!

Fashion Chalet said...

looove the leopard!


withloverachel said...

wow wow wow
your hair!
i would also love a pair of those shorts!

Indy said...

Wow, that leopard top is super cool!

My best bargain buy would have to be my kitty cat certainly don't find those for sale anymore!

Jen said...

your curly hair is so stunning! :) and i'm really loving that backpack of yours. it's awesome!

Jen B said...

I found your blog because one of my friends (Jen Somewhere) said that someone on her blogroll had found a batwing leopard-print top. "noooo" I said. It doesn't exist. And yet here it is: JEALOUS! :-)

Isquisofrenia said...

8 bucks??omg i need one
i love the loosness of it

love your rings too
!! you look so adorable
i want your backpack

Kelly said...

really cool parka...
wanna follow each other?
x Kelly

Gosia said...

I love your outfit and your hair are awesome !

Kirke said...


diamondsinchampagne said...

What a fab jacket! Your hair is amazing, so gorgeous

Robyn said...

That jacket is wonderful! I really love the colour~

My best bargain buy?
Unfortunatly I don't go thrifting that often...but last time I went I got the most amazing grey top, with flower embroidery and the pointed hemming that made it looks as if it was made my fairies. :D

Have a great day!


Sandra said...

Loving the leopard print! ;)