Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sporty or Not.

Polka dots to me became the "new" sailor stripes. My collection of polka dots is getting bigger, right now i have two polka dot jackets, one dress and one polka dot skirt! It's something about dots... they make me feel happier and quirkier, hmm is that weird? ha
So today i wore one of my polka dot jackets, my "way too big for me" slouchy trainer pants aaand my new pair of heels! I gotta say, mixing this was quite interesting.. adding those white pants ( my mum calls them the pj pants) and pairing them up with heels isint something that i do daily, but i love experimenting! :)

Have a good day!! GOODLE xx


B a la Moda said...

I love polka dots. They are so cute and always help the outfit stand out.

B* a la Moda

Mikaela Urbom said...

Cute pics ;D love the dots

Style Bird said...

Great look..I love the polka dots!

Blicious said...

i love the polka dots! so cute! great blog!


Anonymous said...

nice!!and your beautiful!!

Robyn said...

Oh you look amazing! Great photos~ the contrast in colors is very vivid~

Although polka dots are awesome (and remind me of the music, haha), sailor stripes will always be my sailor stripes~ hehe

That sounds like an awesome sort of dancing!