Friday, October 29, 2010

Blue Blue Blue!

I sometimes like to think like a kid. Why not match everything in the same colour?! Like this time i wore so much blue/green because i was off to the beach. It was a beautiful day, on a looong weekend! ( 4 days long)

Oh and are you guys dressing up for Halloween? I can never come up with something scary.. so i was thinking of being Pippi Longstockings! It sure is not scary, but it would be such an awesome character to dress up as. What are your halloween ideas?


I am also doing a photoshoot this weekend with my boyfriend's sister. She is really into photography. It's going to be very interesting, as i never shot with her! Cant wait to see the end results!

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Robyn said...

:D I always end up wearing a ton of one colour without meaning too, and I'll notice it half way through the day or something~ It's a grand thing.
It looks so warm! What has your weather been like?