Thursday, June 18, 2009

I should.

I should start again. I mean seriously, third time ? I SUCK at blogging! Fashion, give me strength! For that matter, i will try again. And fingers crossed will succeed.

Well hey, im addicted to opshoping, nothing beats that.Finally starting to love Black and anything with gold. I am maturing by day...

Right now, im oh so addicted to Nautical theme clothing. Nothing but a blue striped shirt with a red beret! So Frenchy Classic.

Hopefully will get more inspired while i visit Europe!

I cant stop wow'ing at woman and girls my age who write such awesome blogs! It always gets me inspired, till something pops my bubble of imagination. But next year , i will hopefully open up a new and fresh online business! I cant wait, the garments and colours excite me, not the new stuff.. but the classic vintage.

Fingers crossed i will also fix my camera, so can take photos of my outfits! Yay.

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